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Tsitsikamma Manor

Nestled snugly in the foothills of the Tsitsikamma mountain range you will find a little haven for jaded travellers called Tsitsikamma Manor. This four-star graded Bed and Breakfast establishment offers guests a memorable experience in comfortable surroundings – with the emphasis on excellent service and southern style hospitality.

About Tsitsikamma Manor

sitsikamma Manor was founded in 2016 by Jumat Cola, who is local to the area.

Born and raised in a family with eight siblings, Jumat’s late parents engraved the importance of family values and morals on his heart. Following in the footsteps of his father - his need to help others grew more over the years - which inspired him to become a business man.

He moved to the Gauteng Province and started his career as a labourer. He soon saw an opportunity to start his own construction company in Pretoria. Over the past 14 years he has grown his company from one to 40 employees, with his main aim to provide quality service and local job creation.

His strong character, humble personality and love of people stirred him to take on another great adventure – opening a Bed and Breakfast establishment where he could combine his knowledge of his home turf with encouraging tourists to explore the area. Jumat is determined to contribute to the economic growth of the local village, and is extremely passionate about relieving poverty and uplifting skills development.

To mention a few, his social responsibilities involve:

Sponsoring the local school and former high school

Main sponsor for local radio station for the enjoyment of the local community

Sponsorship for local entrepreneurs, and getting involve with business coaching.

Sponsoring the guide dog association

Our team at Tsitsikamma Manor is drawn from the local community. We have different cultural backgrounds, but think with one mind when it comes to offering our guests southern style hospitality. We currently have five permanent staff members, four of whom are female – showing the owner’s commitment to rebuilding the social system by empowering women.

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