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Tesla’s New Solar Roof Will Cost Just As Much As A Normal Roof

Elon Musk’s electric car company, Tesla, has been shocking the world with its line of vehicles, which will soon include pick up trucks, semi-trucks and even ATVs. Although the company is not stopping at transforming the auto industry, they are also looking to be a driving force in the solar industry as well. ( By John Vibes )

One of the most exciting projects that the company is working on is an affordable solar roof, that won’t cost much more than the roof that is on the average house right now. Tesla was originally hoping that the product would be on the market by 2018, but due to some hold-ups in the production process, the release has been delayed for the past two years.

During a shareholder meeting last year, Musk said that it will be one of the most durable and affordable roofing shingles on the market.

“We are about to complete version 3 of the solar roof. This is actually quite a hard technology problem to have an integrated solar cell with a roof tile, have it look good, and last for 30 years. I am very excited about version 3 of solar roof. We have a shot at being equal to a comp shingle roof plus someone’s utility cost or being lower than that. That’s one of the cheapest roofs available. So you can have a great roof with better economics than a normal fairly cheap roof and your utility bill,” Musk said.

The company believes so strongly in the design that they will guarantee the roof to last for life, and it will be guaranteed to generate power for at least 25 years, at which point the electrical components may begin to need repairs.

Tesla’s solar roof panels are currently being built at the company’s Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, New York, but it is not clear exactly when they will be available for purchase.


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