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Spending a Weekend with the Pride

Tau Game Lodge is one of those places which leave you feeling totally rejuvenated, refreshed and energised.

On entering the Tau gate you immediately feel an exciting journey is about to begin.

Sun kissed grass swishing in the crisp winters breeze makes you wonder what lies in the Savannah, could the “King of the bush” be basking just behind those trees?

From the main Tau entrance gate it takes a mere 7 minutes slow drive to the lodge.

The warm hospitality and the greeting of friendly staff welcome you to this little slice of heaven.

The entrance tastefully decorated with modern furnishing, and a warm reception area where you may lounge to your heart’s content (usually the gathering area prior to your game drive) is where our adventure began.

The team at Tau really do go the extra mile in ensuring your stay is met with warmth & comfort. We were told on many occasions to just relax and enjoy, which of course was exactly what we were looking forward to do.

We arrived at Tau just in time for check in which is at 14:00, our bags were whisked away to our chalet and we were directed to the lunch deck where a delicious feast awaited. Being a herbivore I wondered whether my dietary needs would be satisfied?

Oh and how wrong I was. The culinary team at Tau fed me like a king. The chef came personally to our table, introduced himself and explained what was in store for me which I honestly could not wait to tuck into. I was famished and eagerly awaited the meal ahead. After hearing what chef had planned for the rest of the day I thought it best to try and keep it light of which I chose the Greek salad.

Wow and what a salad it was, my co-pilot (Martin) tucked into a creamy mushroom pasta which I could not help but take a couple fork fills of. Lunch was served on the deck with an audience of Zebra, impala, wildebeest and a plethora of bird life oblivious of our presence.

On check in we were informed that we were going to be hosted by Darren our field guide for our stay.

I had noticed Ernest another field guide speaking with guests and I went over to greet and congratulate him on his most joyous occasion (recently getting married).

Ernest took the initiative on rescheduling us to be with him over our stay which personally was such a nice touch.

Ernest informed us that our night drive was to commence at 15:30 sharp so we literally had about 20 minutes to freshen up in our beautiful chalet.

Walking into chalet number 6 we were greeted with luxury, all the comforts of home plus the spectacular view of the Tau waterhole. We had arrived! In my opinion there is nothing more beautiful than waking up to the sounds of the bush a mere 5 meters from your deck!

The bathroom boasting an enormous corner bath and a star lit outside shower (which of course I made full use of even though winter had made the atmosphere rather fresh).

The Epic Safari

Having had Ernest (Our Guide) before I knew we were in for a treat, his passion speaks for itself! He answered all our questions and taught us something new about each animal and the environment which they reside.

Excitement wasn’t far away, after a mere 10 minutes into the drive we headed after one of the largest of the big 5, Elephant. Such a gentle giant if not provoked and of course Ernest being careful not to disturb the ellies evening graze.

Soon thereafter our adventure took a delightful turn, a radio message of wild dog sighting came through, they had been spotted running along the fence line looking for the rest of their pack, off we went. I was so excited because wild dogs are one of my favourite animals in the bush. We were privileged enough to witness something so magical, the joining of a pack, tweets and chirps were echoing around us, the dogs running around almost in a frenzy as they welcomed each other making the pack grow to 7.

Just before sunset we stopped for sun-downers where Ernest chose a beautiful location to, stretch our legs and enjoy either something alcoholic or non-alcoholic and make use of the bush toilette... the tree.

Dinner time was yum time

After our epic safari Martin & I were ravenous we were both looking forward to something warm as the evening had turned cold. Chef had prepared a 3 course plated meal. We started off with a hearty Dahl soup which could be accompanied by a selection of, gluten free, seeded or plain breads. The main course for the carnivores was, a choice of beef rump, eland or ostrich fillet of which martin chose the eland and I was treated to a scrumptious stir fry. Dessert was a selection of sweet treats which was served at the buffet table, chocolate bark, bread and butter pudding, warm custard, fresh fruits and a selection of cheeses.

A meal truly fit for a king!

Time for Bed

We were both exhausted after such a perfect day and a delicious hearty meal Our heated room was warm and cosy and our beds neatly turned down, curtains drawn and pillows calling our tired heads. We slept like little lambs!

I personally never need a wakeup call, knowing that another safari adventure was around the corner. The mornings are really nippy in Madikwe during winter so I suggest packing a snug jacket, beanie and a pair of gloves. However attention to detail and the comfort of their guests Tau ensures each guest receive a wrapped hot water bottle and warm Lion print blanket on their seat.

Our weekend in the bush was a truly delirious experience ticking off all the expectations of spectacular sightings, gourmet feastings, skilled, knowledgeable and experienced field guides, and gracious and attentive staff and management.

To end off our time at Tau, Martin and I decided to indulge in one of their spa treatments, where treatments are done in an oasis in the bush.

Walking through to our treatment room you are immersed in a lush garden with a beautiful water feature situated in the middle of a circular area.

I am not saying this just because I am writing this article but the hands which touched my body was one of the BEST massages I have EVER had!!! Ntumi who was my therapist had hands of gold!

Much to our reluctance it was time to bid farewell……..

Thank you to the Team at Tau Game Lodge but mostly to the captain of the ship Renate Oostmeijer for her gracious hospitality and our absolutely superb stay!

Thank you Renate!!

We cannot wait to visit again soon!!

Until our next #WeekendatTau

Happy Weekend !!

Article by Tyrone Spinner

Photos Credit to Martin Reed & Tyrone Spinner

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Renate Oostmeijer

Tel: +27 11 466 8715 or +27 11 466 8717

Fax: +27 11 466 8689 or +27 866858816

Emergencies only: 083 262 2013




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