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Shark Cage Diving with White Shark Projects

16 Geelbek St, Van Dyks Bay, Gansbaai, 7220


By being in the field and providing the necessary facilities and resources to observe the Great White Shark in its natural environment, White Shark Projects gathers data which is crucial to understanding and supporting their conservation, in addition to providing improved public education and positive close range engagement. As the most successful operation globally, White Shark Projects has logged the most contacts with Great White Sharks in the world, year in and year out. We pride ourselves on our rate of contact and ongoing contribution to the conservation of the species and their environment.


South Africa has long been known for its abundance of Great White Sharks, making it a prime area to observe these magnificent creatures. The Great White Shark, which can grow up to seven meters (23 feet) in length and 4 tons in weight, is now a protected species in South Africa. Owing to massive negative media publicity over the years, sharks have become one of the most maligned, misunderstood, even hated species on our fragile planet. They have been pursued, hunted and indiscriminately slaughtered, to the point where many species are endangered. Unsustainable fishing practices, dorsal fin poaching and environmental degradation compounded by a relatively slow Great White breeding cycle are all factors contributing to the potential demise of this amazing creature.

The Great White Shark Project is dedicated to the exploration and conservation of the world‟s greatest predator, the Great White Shark, and its environment. The project works with students, eco-tourists, conservation organizations and marine resource users (subsistence fishermen, sport divers and dive operators) to gather data on Great White Sharks, correct negative misconceptions about sharks, and stop the needless slaughter of over 100 million sharks annually. Current programs involve eco-tourism, public education, environmental advocacy as well as various social up- liftment programmes.

White Shark Projects is a world leading organisation focusing on the Great White Shark. Founded in 1989 purely as a research centre, since 1989 it has grown and broadened its services to include a commercial diving and viewing centre and a separate educational department. White Shark Projects has taken the lead to establish shark tourism as an educational experience. “Everything we do we aim to do in harmony with nature and the environment we are working in.”

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T: +27(0)76-2455-880


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