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Pangeli Poké Bar

Our offer is the fusion of Hawaiian & Oriental cuisines, which come together so spectacularly that it debunks the myth that raw fish only belongs in sushi. The untapped flavour combinations satisfies our appetite for culinary creativity where no real cooking takes place; so flavour and texture become key to the expedition of new and exciting creations for you to explore and experience. We take great pleasure in sourcing an abundance of Local & Oriental produce & flavours and turning them into amazing creations.

About Pangeli Poké Bar

Welcome to the home of pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, wholesome, soul food where we believe that food is sacred. We are excited that you have found us online and we hope that we see you in the Pangeli deli, Salt Rock, very soon.

Using the most exciting flavours from Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai and Taiwanese cuisine, you can make up your perfect dish. From dumplings to wonton noodle soup, omakase sushi to sushi tacos, from layering your own poke bowl to designing the most delicious bao bun … Pangeli is an experience.

The revamped eatery now has just a few tables and chairs outside and is far more accessible and interactive. Everything is visible, on display and is made in front of the person who will enjoy that meal. You create your own meals. There are signature recipes but you have a choice as to what you want in your meal. We want to offer people a new eating experience.

We take pride in serving our clients (not customers!) fresh, wholesome food that is not only healthy for your body but addictively delicious. From sushi tacos to poké bowls, you will not be disappointed.

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