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Organised crime use Crisis to their advantage

With many business going into ruin, people are looking at help from local governments however many being denied for all sorts of reasons, the mafia or organised crime groups are taking this opportunity to "Cash In" and offer business owners relief by buying business or offering loans which are paid over in a matter of hours.

Could this mean organised crime could rival government facilities?

The mafia in Italy for example have a lot of capital at their disposal and this means they can buy up many business but of course this all comes with a hefty price, i mean that is why it is called "Organised Crime".

Restaurateurs are suffering immensely due to the lock down and when a business owner is approached with a lifeline does he keep to his moral code or reach out and accept help from an unorthodox avenue?

BBC affiliate Sofia Bettiza was interviewed recently on the affects of this in Italy and her findings where very interesting.(see video below).

What will this mean for South Africans & with all the corruption already ripe in our Government facilities this is most likely an already happening occurrence.

People don't want to live in the fear of debt and if organised crime can offer a buy out then why shouldn't one accept and save his/her family.

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