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Optog! 2019 boosts local talent and entertainment

There’s a brand-new travelling festival that celebrates local music, theatre and culture… and it's coming to a theatre near you.

Get ready for Optog! 2019, a proud initiative of the Atterbury Trust, with 250 shows featuring 25 different artists and performers on 55 unique stages.

Optog! will be visiting towns and villages across South Africa and Namibia over the next seven months, from Bela-Bela to Beaufort West, Witbank to Windhoek, and just about everywhere in between.

This ground-breaking cultural initiative is a natural extension of the Atterbury Theatre, which represents Atterbury Trust’s commitment to promoting performing arts and developing talent. It is one of the best concert theatres in the country and operates at full capacity with sold-out shows.

Optog! leverages the expertise, resources and networks that have been built since the theatre first opened in 2011. It extends Atterbury Theatre’s audience and Atterbury Trust’s positive impacts on communities around the country and beyond.

The travelling showcase of talent and culture is both nostalgic and new. In the past, performers used to tour around the country to put on shows. This tradition has all but disappeared with the advent of big festivals. Optog! is intended to be a revival of small-town theatre performances and traditions.

Zahn Hulme, Executive Trustee of Atterbury Trust, says: “South Africans love to be entertained, but it is often an extremely costly and tricky experience for performers to tour alone, and opportunities are limited. So, we’ve harnessed the expertise, resources and networks of Atterbury Trust and the Atterbury Theatre in a coordinated effort to take shows on the road again, bring families and friends together to be entertained, and connect performers and their audiences in communities big and small, near and far.”

Hulme adds, “Optog! 2019 lets people enjoy great entertainment in their very own community and, at the same time, it creates opportunities for artists to perform and promotes the arts and Afrikaans culture, which is one of the goals of the Atterbury Trust.”

What is more, the Atterbury Trust plans to leave something of real value behind in every community that Optog! visits. It will do a little something to improve or enhance local theatres at almost every stop on the tour.

Optog! has also attracted the support of likeminded sponsors such as King Price, Lekkeslaap, ATKV,, Vintales, Sarie, Die Groot Ontbyt, Tsogo Sun and NTT Volkswagen.

Thanks to this collaboration, every concert is a colourful celebration. The Optog! busses are packed with a festive variety of the best music and theatre entertainment. Headline artists include Nataniël, Laurika Rauch, Jo Black and Karen Zoid.

Optog! kicked off in Stellenbosch in February, and the first Optog! shows have been sell-out successes. “We are thrilled with the warm and enthusiastic response that Optog! is receiving, and we look forward to sharing this roadshow with even more communities as the year progresses,” says Hulme.

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