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Nike Creating Medical Face Shields and Equipment for Healthcare Workers

Like other sportswear giants, Nike are doing their part to combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with CEO John Donahoe stating the brand is working on developing face shields and medical equipment for healthcare workers. ‘Companies like Nike need to do our part,’ Donahoe said during a Q3 conference call. ‘Based on needs identified by the teams and health professionals at Oregon Health & Science University [OHSU], our teammates are working right now about how to best help, including prototyping face shields of OHSU and others.’ According to Business Insider, Nike plans to launch the initiative with OHSU, focusing on supporting Oregon healthcare workers to begin with. OHSU has since responded, expressing their appreciation of the efforts. ‘OHSU is extremely grateful to the team at Nike for their generous offer to help OHSU in our coordination with other health systems during this unprecedented time. We are committed to ongoing discussions regarding their efforts to develop prototype face shields to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of health care professionals.’


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