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Mozambik Ballito

With its roots firmly set in passion and its flavours unapologetically Afro Porto, the Mozambik restaurant group is fast becoming one of South Africa’s leading dining brands. From its launch as a single store in Ballito, Kwa-Zulu Natal circa 15 years ago, the brand has seen rapid growth over the past half-decade, now totaling 24 stores nationally. In 2020, the Mozambik brand will also expand north of the Limpopo with its first international store scheduled to open in Lusaka.

About Mozambik Ballito

With several sites currently being evaluated, the Mozambik brand is set to continue on its upward trajectory.

Inspired by the Afro-Porto fusion cuisine of Mozambik, the brand’s organic evolution has led to its current positioning; the taste of escape. It is a multi-sensory brand that is built around customer experience. In other words, dining at a Mozambik store delivers high quality and tasty cuisine with an exceptional atmosphere and high service levels. Visiting Mozambik is like a mini holiday, a break, a taste of escape.

Mozambik is not a rubber-stamp brand either. While each store is highly recognizable and true to brand, all are infused with localized idiosyncrasies.

Chef Brett Michielin has, over time, developed a range of bastings, sauces and rubbing spices that has become Mozambik’s trademark. The menu is inspired by Afro-Porto cuisine with a rich tapestry of flavour the common denominator across an eclectically styled offering.

From traditional fare such as prawns through to Mozambik’s famous chicken, the menu offers a wide variety of taste experiences.


Over time the brand has received several accolades from a host of positive media and social influencer reviews. On average Mozambik stores are scored at four stars by its customers and several TripAdvisor 5-star certifications (2015-18). Mozambik also achieved pole position in various published restaurant rankings across South Africa.

It started out as a solo venture by Luis Ferreira in 2005, 14 months later Brett Michielin joined Luis on his journey. Together they forged on until, 2008 when Ryan Stewart came on board. Together Brett and Ryan set out with their dream of building family restaurants where they can share their passion for food and cooking with their customers; where anyone can experience Mozambique right on their doorstep, without needing to fly there.

The menu caters for all tastes but inspired by the Afro-Porto fusion of Mozambique. Eating and drinking, whether in a home or on the street, is a way of life in Mozambique – this essence of this is captured in, what we call, our Barraca’s. No frills … Some spills … Plenty of laughs and an appreciation for the wisdom of simplicity.

Passionate about friends and family coming together over exceptional food and a welcoming experience! This is exactly what we have created, a “sink your toes into the sand and sip on cocktails and R&R’s while the sun goes down” experience.

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