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GOLD Restaurant

GOLD Restaurant in Cape Town offers an authentic African experience. So much more than just an African restaurant, a night at GOLD is an immersive experience that will take you on a 14-dish taste-safari paired with traditional Mali puppets and entertainment.

About GOLD Restaurant

Traditional African Food

African food is traditionally shared and enjoyed with family and friends. Similarly, the 14-dish tasting menu served at our restaurant in Cape Town is designed to be enjoyed in a shared style. Throughout your traditional African meal you will enjoy learning about the country of origin, cooking techniques and spicing of each dish. All our Halaal-certified meat, poultry and fish dishes come with vegetarian or vegan substitutes.

A Local African Experience

Dinner at our African restaurant is accompanied by interactive entertainment. Guests at GOLD Restaurant cannot help but be swept up in the excitement of archetypal African stories told through the live entertainment with dinner. Our African entertainment includes praise singing to welcome you, Mali puppetry, and dancing to the rhythms of the marimba percussion and djembe drums. Feel the heartbeat of Africa with our pre-dinner interactive djembe drumming session every evening at 18:30.

The nightly performances at Gold Restaurant are an eclectic mix of African, dancing, singing and puppetry.

First Performance

Inspired by the traditions of Malian performance a puppet and a Praise singer welcome you to the restaurant in an African song and dance. Made by master puppeteer Yaya Coulibaly, our Mali puppets showcase the non-narrative, symbolic performance style of the Bamana people. In the animistic Bamana tradition, puppets and masks are intermediaries between the human and spirit world. Performance is an expression and celebration of the interconnectedness of man and nature, the innate balance of human and spirit forces. Puppets are also jesters and entertainers, used in ceremonies celebrating the passing of seasons and coming of age.

Second Performance

The second performance is a contest between two male warriors and female dancers and it symbolises the strength of African men and women and goes to portray the warriors and dancers trying to impress and get the attention of each other through their dance acts.

Last Performance

The last performance is dedicated to the Royalty, a tribute to the Kings and Queens in Africa. In this piece you will have the arrival of the Queen Mother from the Akhan tribe dressed in a lot of Gold, sprinkling some 24-carat gold dust as a symbol of wealth and power. She will be wearing Gold eye glasses that was worn to prevent eye contact with ordinary people.

Staff Performance

And lastly, the staff performance where our waiters, kitchen staff and entertainers come to sing and dance with the guests to say thank you for visiting our restaurant. A true celebration of life and community at Gold Restaurant!

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