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Gemelli Cucina Bar

It’s the experience of dining together, eating from each other’s plates, sharing stringy bites, stealing toppings, sneaking desserts into the kids just before bedtime. Laughing, dining, wining, celebrating, enjoying. It’s about family, first.

About Gemelli Cucina Bar

Founder, Alessandro Mosupi Khojane grew up in Roma, Italy, around a large family who enjoyed entertaining friends, which sparked his own love for people and food. With over 10 years in the industry, Alessandro has developed a passion for seeing truly happy customers enjoying their food experience.

A cichetti (snacks) offering includes three bites of salmon arancini, crumbed and fried, and a couple of tempura prawns. Salads are substantial meals on their own – the Gemelli house salad packs in assorted greens, marinated tomatoes, pickled onion, cucumber, zucchini, feta, avocado and seeds, plus an optional 120g of grilled beef fillet or a portion of smoked salmon trout.

Try one of a myriad sauces, from seafood to artichokes and ragù, to go with your pasta choice, or for a Sunday-lunch feel, try the pollo Gemelli – chicken stuffed with pancetta, olives and peppers, served with glazed carrots and purées of butternut and potato.

The desserts pile on the pleasure. A crème brûlée arrives accompanied by marshmallow ice cream, while a rich pistachio and olive oil cake is paired with a buttermilk gelato.

From the large range of pricey gins and creative cocktails, try an elderflower tonic gin cocktail or stick to the Italian theme with an Aperol spritz. There’s ample choice of local wines – or blow the budget on an imported champagne.

The pared-back, multi-roomed space features graphic, Italian-themed wallpaper and tightly packed Formica-topped tables, with long bars and ranks of bottles on display as focal points.

Contact Us

T: +27 (0)10 591 4333


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