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Foxcroft Restaurant

Working together with the best local farmers and the finest international suppliers, every ingredient is selected for seasonality, quality and flavour before entering the kitchen at Foxcroft. With a commitment to quality and flavour, our team of chefs believe in treating simple ingredients with the same care, attention and respect as those of rarity.

About Foxcroft Restaurant

Chef-proprietor Glen Foxcroft Williams brings a welcome informality to the realm of fine dining, from the minimalist table décor to the simple wood-backed menus. And there’s little pretence on the plates, where instead you’ll find a fusion of careful technique and bold flavours in perfect balance. It’s impossible to pigeonhole Foxcroft into a style of cuisine, with flavours ranging from spicy salsa matcha to kimchi served atop, of all things, Brussels sprouts. That makes each plate a surprise, whether you’ve signed up for the smaller four-course menu or eight-course degustation. Portions are generous, so go easy on the

delicious bread course, a crispy focaccia folded with olive tapenade.

The yellowfin tuna is a standout of the first tapas plates: perfect medallions of dark meat atop a smoky salsa matcha, neatly balanced by avocado mousse and pickled radish. There’s little fault in the braised beef shin with polenta and a burnt rosemary velouté, or the tandoori turnips, but the bowl of West Coast mussels is a must-order. Plump mussels swim in creamy chowder that seems a touch sweet at first, until the piquant pickled calamari takes the edge off. Again, balance.

There’s more balance in the main courses, where rich confit pork belly comes balanced by kimchi and salty pork jus. Williams takes sustainability seriously, and the line fish of

black bream is an equally fine dance partner to fennel, chorizo and smoked tomato.

A pastry chef in previous kitchens, it’s no surprise Williams is a dab hand at desserts. A standout is the poached pear with bostock, rooibos jelly and crème fraîche. You won’t find a more elegant interpretation of this classic.

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