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Casa Bella Montecasino

‘First we eat, then we do everything else’. No gathering or visit in Italy can take place in the absence of a delectably gratifying meal, creatively crafted from the best ingredients the many local markets have to offer.

About Casa Bella Montecasino

Ours is a story steeped in tribute to Italian-inspired pizza originating in Naples more than 200 years ago. The guidelines are simple and elegant – basic, fresh ingredients including hand-kneaded dough, mozzarella cheese, basil and olive oil.

Italian-inspired pizzas are noticeably smaller than modern-sized pizzas and baked in wood-fired ovens of exceptional heat for a very short time. While paying faithful homage to the original, we remain certain our Italian-inspired Casa Bella signature pizzas, pastas and grills will continue to delight for hundreds of years to come. Buon Appetito!

So, too, it is in our beautiful home, Casa Bella. We invite you to relax in the intimate ambience of our wood-fired oven and Italian-inspired pizzeria, with our sublime selection of authentic Italian cuisine.

Join us for full dining extravaganza from Italian pizza bread to our traditional pizzas and pastas, our expertly prepared grills and ending with delicious mouthfuls of decadence – Home is where the heart is – may you fall in love with ours!

Our Pasta Maker

Like our imported ‘OO’ flour and 100% Italian Durum wheat, the other king of our kitchen is our imported Italian pasta maker. We create all our pasta from the original, raw component ingredients on-site, daily. This ensures maximum adherence to quality and freshness. The result? An authentic, impressively ‘proper’ Italian-style pasta with a smooth, silky finish. This texture is retained during the cooking process, culminating in delightfully delicate, but al dente pasta. Whether your pasta palate is partial to fettuccine, spaghetti or penne, we’ll be able to fashion and form a bowl of home-made pasta just the way you want it!

Contact Us

T: +27 (0)11 568 4845


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