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Burtone’s Wireless Speakers, unrivalled listening quality.

Throughout the years people have been hauling bulky, heavy duty speakers either on a shoulder or plugged into a wall, nasty cables and distorted sound being the main attraction … Thankfully gone are those ancient days filled with cracks and screams, in is a time of wireless connectivity and crystal clear melodies!

Burtone really went all out when designing their latest wireless speaker, its trendy look, strong and durable quality make for the perfect, on the go addition to your entertainment arsenal.

The Weekend Magazine (PTY) Ltd where lucky enough to get a set of the large 200 and mini 2 connect wireless speakers and all we had was a #weekend of listening pleasure. Our tunes where heard by friends and family and everyone asked what sounded so good!

Personally the volume dial is our favourite feature, no sticky buttons and no over volume of your tracks. Simple to use circular motion which offers near perfect increase or decrease of volume, its large buttons are easy to use and press with little to no effort.

Honestly speaking, what could be more appealing than a speaker which is light weight, hardy and good looking especially when you are a lover of music and need those tunes where ever you go? By the pool, in the lounge or even on the go, Gammatek Pty Ltd has really gone the extra mile when they added this slick tech to their range of listening gear.

Burtone Connect 200 Wireless Speaker is built to support more than 200 speakers connected at a time and has a working range of 60m. Its built-on Bluetooth V5.0+edr and has an enhanced Bass: 30w wireless speaker with Dsp. You can play your speaker for approximately 12 hours with a 8000mah battery! Enjoy your usual water activities with Burtone Connect 200 wireless speaker’s IPX7 waterproof: which can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes.

Burtone Mini Connect 2 Wireless Speaker, Experience 360 degree surround sound and enhanced bass for up to 10 hours with these Burtone Mini Connect wireless speakers. IPX7 waterproof specs allows you to enjoy your music any time, any where.If the Burtone 200 or mini speaker isn’t your choice of tek this winter then make it the perfect gift for someone special!

BURTONE’S wireless speakers and headsets are available at the following stores nationwide: MTN, Vodacom, Telkom, Takealot and Cell C. BURTONE’S audio products retails between R299 and R1699.

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