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BGR - Rosebank

BGR offers a fresh spin on the fast-food franchise concept of basic burgers paired with fries and a soft drink – a sort of grown-up high school cafeteria.

About BGR - Rosebank

Meat eaters can select either a single or double beef or cheeseburger, while herby patties and grilled cheese are on offer for vegetarians. Add toppings such as crispy ‘American’ bacon or select ‘the works’, which includes favourites such as lettuce, pickles, grilled mushroom, jalapeno and others, with a choice of condiments.

Dessert is a scoop of unremarkable vanilla or chocolate ice-cream, although the rest of the fare certainly delivers on taste.

Enjoy your burger with a beer or a soft drink, iced tea or lemonade. If it takes your fancy, delight your inner child with a shake or float.

Fast, friendly and efficient, which is exactly what you’d expect from a fast-food restaurant.

Inside, BGR feels like a trendy cafeteria. With red-and-white décor, wooden tables and chairs and a split level-floor, it’s decidedly ‘teen-chic’. Outside, you can view the outdoor sculpture at the Everard Read Gallery and people-watch on the pavement.

Contact us

T: +27 (0)10 593 4545


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