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Attikos Mediterranean Grill

On the rugged coastline of the Greek island where my father was born, my grandfather and I enjoyed many holidays with my family in the beautiful crescent bay of Karystos. I would watch the fisherman bring in their catch of the day to cook with family, neighbours and friends, all the while laughing, sharing stories and delighting in each other’s company.

About Attikos Mediterranean Grill

In this working town, with its cafes and tavernas owned by modest folk making much of their own produce themselves, the aromas of food went hand-in-hand with breezy summer nights. Cheese baskets, blue talisman beads, garlands of local sausages and octopus tentacles would dangle from railings like curtains telling a tale. The villagers would celebrate life every day, enjoying themselves in the moment, often turning a simple family dinner into an all-night affair.

Inspired by this way of life and the pleasures of eating together, we created Attikos, to bring the authentic feel of the Mediterranean to Ballito, to celebrate our rich culture and love for food and family, to introduce you to the ancient Greek sentiment of philoxenia, whereby everyone feels truly welcome.

Our hope is that you will experience this and create your own beautiful memories around one of our tables, the Karystos way.


Greek food is made to share; it is all about celebrating life and enjoying yourself in the moment, often turning a simple family dinner into an all-night affair. This tradition is embraced at Attikos, with many of our dishes designed for sharing, thereby bringing the authentic feel of the Mediterranean to Ballito. Share our mezze, choose a succulent snack from our Souvla Coal Grill or Yiro Bar, or indulge in a traditional Greek meal from our family kitchen. Our authentic dishes celebrate a rich culture.

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