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Al Pescatore Ballito

Al Pescatore is a restaurant built on a foundation of exceptional, creative ingredient combinations creating a whole new, unique food flavour, with a wine & cocktail menu to match.

About Al Pescatore Ballito

Being an upstairs restaurant, the view of the ocean and beach are truly magnificent.

Combine all of the above with a passionate staff compliment who know their food and strive to give you the diner the very best eating out experience, you just can't go wrong. To top this off, owners Trevor and Jenny Wolf are always at the restaurant and on hand ensuring their patrons are well loved.

Daily specials are part of the excitement and appeal of Al Pescatore. Trevor delights in coming up with fabulous dishes that include his famous pastas (meat, seafood and vegetarian options available) and a smorgasbord of pizzas. There are also scrumptious starters (such as the popular Gamberia Sorpresa, which is a dish of baked prawns, garlic and a variety of cheeses). No meal at Al Pescatore is complete without dessert, which is best savoured while enjoying the views of the warm Indian Ocean waters.

With this combination of excellent service, breath-taking views and delicious dishes, it is no wonder that Al Pescatore has earned a number of awards.

Contact Us

T: 032 946 3574


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