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Gautrain is proud to be a forerunner in promoting smart mobility in South Africa, helping to reduce road congestion, harmful carbon dioxide emissions as well as noise pollution by providing a cleaner, greener public transport option. In the 11 years since the Gautrain first opened its doors for passengers, they have transported 126-million train passengers and 38-million bus passengers safely and Gautrain trains have saved around 360 000 tonnes of CO2 pollution, according to a 2014 study by the CSIR.

COVID 19 Pandemic affects the Gautrain, what are the precautionary measures in place?

The well-being of passengers and staff remains a top priority for Gautrain and, as a result, there’s continuous monitoring, evaluation, and implementation of precautionary measures to ensure that travelling on the Gautrain is not only safe but convenient and efficient. The following precautionary measure are in place to ensure customer safety and prevent the spread of COVID-19 on the Service. 

1.    Stations, trains, buses, and midi-buses are cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals throughout the day 
2.    To help maintain high levels of hygiene, they are alcohol-based hand sanitizers across the ten Gautrain stations. 
3.    Hand sanitizers are available on Gautrain’s buses and midibuses. 
4.    Furthermore, Gautrain staff have been issued with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in accordance with their specific job function. 
5.    All staff and passengers must always wear a face mask whilst at Gautrain stations and onboard trains, buses or midi-buses thereby limiting any potential, unintended exposure to fellow staff and/or passengers.
6.    Passengers are advised to utilize the Service’s online purchases platform 
7.    For more information on detailed health and safety measures, please visit
How Passengers can apply the precautionary measures, a quick checklist:
8.    Download the Gautrain App to see the timetable and Fares - Our service operates from 05:30 to 20:30 with trains every 15min during peak and every 30min during off peak.
9.    Remember to wear face masks when leaving the house
10.    Make use of our online services for topping up cards were applicable
11.    When arriving at the stations look out for the social distancing and directional signages and adhere to them
12.    Have your Gautrain card and or your Bank Card ready when you arrive at the fare gates
13.    Remember all surfaces at stations, buses and trains are sanitised throughout the day therefore Gautrain is safe and efficient

                            We look forward to welcoming you aboard the Gautrain! 

Contact Information

Postal Address - P.O. Box 1115, Kelvin, 2054

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