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WIN!!! WIN!!! WIN!!!
Grow Light Forever  
win a Grow light Hamper Valued at over R 2 500 

WIN!!! WIN!!! WIN!!!






Win a Grow Light Hamper including:

  1. 1 x 500ml Rooibos blend frosted glass scented candle.

  2. 1 x 200ml Sandalwood blend ceramic(Red/Orange container) scented candle.

  3. 1 x 200ml all natural Mosqui-GO (mosquito & bug repellent).

  4. 1 x 50ml Ocean blend Massage oil.


Terms & Conditions Apply. Subject to availability. This prize is not transferable. 


Terms and conditions:

NB: To enter the promotional competition, the entrant must:   

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  7. Tag 3 friends who love scented candles & beauty products

  8. The prize is not transferable.

  9. By entering this competition the prize winner accepts the terms and conditions.

  10. Finally entrants must answer this question and email your answer to with your name, surname and contact information as well as where you have entered from: IE: Johannesburg


  • Question: What scent do we recommend that will help you sleep and keep calm?

Competition closes Monday 25.10.2021 at 12:00 & winners will be notified by email & on social media 

We go through a vigorous process when selecting a winner, our automated system validates each entry by name, like on Facebook, Like on Instagram for both The Weekend Magazine & Grow Light and we look on your profile to see if you have indeed shared and tagged 3 friends.


Grow Light SA - Bringing a Touch of Scent into your home!


As it turns out, lighting a scented candle at home (or wherever you may be) can do much more for you than just smell lovely. If you didn’t know already, here are a few benefits when burning your favourite scented candles:

Boost Your Mood
Scented candles are well known for being mood-boosters. Certain aromas affect our emotions and in turn our mood. Fragrances such as Rooibos, Mint, Jasmine, Lemongrass and Sandalwood help you feel calm and relaxed, boosting you mood.
Our recommendation for boosting your mood is the Sandalwood blend Scented Candle.

Improved Sleep
Busy lifestyles and everyday stress affect our sleep patterns and you might often find yourself lying awake at night, struggling to fall asleep. Lighting up a scented candle that you love, releases relaxing chemicals that leave you feeling content and calm. These scented candles are just what the doctor ordered.

Our choice to help you sleep and keep calm is the Vanilla blend scented Candle.

Stress Relief
One of the biggest benefits of scented candles remains to be that they help relieve stress. We rely on our sense of smell a lot and exposing our noses to the pleasant essential oils in scented candles affect our hormones – helping to ease your anxiety and worries.
Our stress relief scented candle choice is the Eucalyptus blend.

When deciding on your next scented candle, it’s important to think about what you need from it. Do you need a little help relaxing and relieving stress? Or do you need to re-energise and refresh? Whatever it may be, our selection of carefully considered scented blends are handpicked and crafted to suit your needs.

And it’s not just the endless benefits that make a scented candle a must-have for us. Whether you’re enjoying a well-earned night alone or entertaining family and friends, scented candles add more than a touch of luxury and elegance to the atmosphere, making everyone happy and feeling good.

Contact for any orders. 

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