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The moment has arrived we’ve come to hear, of holidays in the mountains or a weekend at the coast, embracing once again the fruits of our nation and sampling all that’s lush our land has to give.


Relaxing with your family on a dreamed vacation, or simply just taking some time-out on your own.


With the national lockdown becoming a distant memory and the tourism sector finally opening up to locals, our team is here ready, to share with you all that our beautiful country has to offer!


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Whether it be an exciting BIG 5 weekend in the bush, time spent hiking in the mountains or a lazy stay at a beach resort, our selection of venues will give you the inspiration you need to make this weekend become the weekend getaway you have longed for.

Our 4 main locations which include other close provinces are:


Kwa-Zulu Natal .

Eastern Cape.

Western Cape.

Click on the above hyperlinks for a selection of places to book this weekend! 


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