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You can get your car licence renewed on WhatsApp

Forget standing on the long ques. You can now renew your license anywhere, anytime, thanks to WhatsApp.

One of the things many motorists dread is renewing their car licence.

The thought of having to stand in long ques, and all the paperwork involved can put anyone off the idea.

It was even worse when the post office was not taking any debit or cheque cards, and you had to have cash on hand. Thankfully, that changed in August.

Now, there is a new development that will make all motorists smile – you can now renew your car licence on your phone.

A new app called ChatBack allows for users to have their car license renewed. And that's not can get the disc delivered to your house.

The WhatsApp number for the app is +27 66 202 6685.

How ChatBack works is that you need to add them on WhatsApp or visit their website.

In order to use the service, you need a copy of your ID and your licence number.

- Send a copy of your ID book and enter your licence number.

- As soon as you submit, you will get a quote from ChatBack.

- Make payment using Payfast. If you pay before the 21 days after your vehicle licence has expired, you wouldn't have penalties.

- The next step is to fill in your delivery address, attach a copy of your photo of your ID and proof of residence.

- To get your licence disc delivered, you will have to pay a fee of R199.


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