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19 years of rich history serving two million customers. We pride ourselves with our consistency in delivering the finest food quality and service. We remain humble and determined with our mission to feed customers with love, grow staff with care and connect people. Offering a sanctuary to escape and recharge allowing customers to experience something that becomes addictive.

About Yamitsuki

Founded in 2000, Yamitsuki introduced the concept of Japanese style cuisine, presented to customers via a unique conveyor belt system. The experience was fun and exciting while the food was revolutionary. Yamitsuki became a market leader in sushi restaurants. As their main focus, their sushi bar has the minimalistic traditional Japanese dishes offering timeless perfection, as well as modern American and European influenced sushi dishes.

Over time other influences such as Thai and Chinese were incorporated into the menu which led to the development of a fusion Asian menu, offering a Noodle, Teppanyaki and Dim Sum bar, with a variety of oriental soups, sweet and sour dishes and oriental curries. Yamitsuki offers a stylish atmosphere with friendly staff providing their customers with a great place to unwind, relax and to enjoy their dining experience.

Yamitsuki is defined as a one stop sushi and oriental cuisine restaurant providing fast paced on-the-move lifestyles with the freshest sushi and a healthy meal. Their freshly prepared delicious food is delivered to our customers via sit-down, take away or delivery. Their warm atmosphere and friendly service, combined with great value, offers an experience that becomes addictive.

Contact Us

T: 011 455 0380


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