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This weekend gamers around the world are raising money for a wildlife ranch in SA

  • This weekend, gamers from around the world are raising funds for a wildlife ranch in Oudtshoorn.

  • They're aiming to raise R50,000 to help keep the animals fed during July.

  • The Cango Wildlife Ranch as over 4,000 animals. It costs R2 million a month to run.

Gamers from around the world are coming together this weekend to raise money for the Cango Wildlife Ranch, an endangered species conservation facility in Oudtshoorn, which has struggled under lockdown.

Gamers are helping to raise money to buy feed for the animals, and to help pay the salaries of staff members.

“Like many such facilities, we have been very hard hit by the lockdown and have been fundraising since the start,” says Garrett Eriksen, organiser of the campaign.

Over 60 video game personalities from as far afield as Malaysia, Canada, and Germany will be participating in a fundraising campaign to raise donations and awareness for the facility.

The Cango Wildlife ranch has nearly 4,000 animals and over 90 species. It costs around R2 million a month to keep the facility running.

It’s not the first time the Wildlife Ranch has been rescued by gamers. In April, they held a similar event with the goal of raising R30,000, but ended up raising over R100,000. This weekend, the Wildlife Ranch is aiming to raise R50,000 to keep the animals fed throughout July.

Video game streamers will be playing games on a variety of platforms including YouTube and the streaming service Twitch.

“It’s just like a TV show or radio show where they raise funds for a cause,” says Ericksen. “The point of videogame streams is not to watch games. It’s to interact with the streamer,” he says. “People watch streams to be entertained. And while they’re watching, streamers raise awareness of the ranch and share links where you can donate.”

The streamers will be playing a variety of games, such as Minecraft and Fortnite. Especially popular is Planet Zoo, a videogame which lets you build and run a zoo. With the support the game’s developer, Frontier, a YouTube streamer named PaulsLey will be recreating the entire Cango Wildlife Ranch in the videogame.

If you would like to donate to help feed both their staff and animals please visit :

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