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Parea Greek Taverna, prides itself with 26 years of experience in Greek cuisine, sure to please your palette, with mouth-watering dishes. It is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxed meal with things heating up after 9:30 pm on friday and Saturday evening, with belly dancing and greek dancers, adding to your true Greek experience!

About Parea Taverna

PAREA is one of those great Greek terms used daily in our conversations that is nearly impossible to translate. It describes a group of people who derive great pleasure simply being together. It is a phenomenon, most often spontaneous and always a celebration of a group.

You don't need to rush all the way to Crete to eat like a Greek deity... just take a sh'ot left and head to Illovo - Parea Taverna will sort you out.

A lot of things can happen in three decades. Technology changes, the city's landscape changes, and restaurants come and go. But not Parea Taverna. Since 1993 this Greek restaurant has served up a storm from its humble kitchen at the top of Corlette Drive in Illovo. Its success? Well, that can be pinned down to staying true to tradition. Just like the tavernas found in the old country, Parea brags with minimal decor, sticking to the classic white painted walls with blue accents. Here there's no need to fuss about outlandish, exotic decor - the food does all the talking.

The menu sings siren songs that will cause Adonis to fall from the heavens. It's evident that the food at Parea is not trying to be Greek or Mediterranean - it IS those things. From the dolmades wrapped in blanched grape leaves to the lamb kleftiko complete with kefalotyri, this is the real deal.

Contact Us

T: (011) 788-8777


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