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mFulaWozi Wilderness

A wilderness area which is a tapestry embodying the Zulu nation and spirit. It is here that you walk in the footsteps of military genius, King Shaka Zulu, and visionary conservationist, Dr Ian Player. In the early 1800s, the region was King Shaka Zulu’s sacred hunting ground, teeming with game. Later, in the early 1950s, Dr Ian Player launched ‘Operation Rhino’ here, saving the Southern White Rhino from the brink of extinction. His work continues today in a monumental effort to protect this critically endangered species.

About mFulaWozi Wilderness

The idea of creating this breakaway from traditional thinking will go down in the annals of history. A time when multiple Zulu chiefs, all descendants of the Shaka dynasty, agreed to unlock 16 000 hectares of untouched African bushveld, which will expand into 60 000 hectares, creating one of the most important biospheres on the African continent.

It will substantially enlarge the existing Hluhluwe and iMfolozi Park, by fusing all three reserves together, boosting the ecotourism industry.

The mFulaWozi game reserve will grow the conservation footprint in Africa by expanding the wildlife and cultural history in which it is situated. This is the birthplace of the Zulu nation and a point of immense national pride.

The dream is coming to fruition. A dream of a wilderness that is steeped in Zulu culture, tradition, and history.


Shaka Zulu conserved this land for eight months of the year to protect the endemic game. This was his hunting ground, his conservation area. Historians, academics, and conservationists have dreamed and motivated for years to have a sustainable ecotourism node of this vast scale and importance. This ambitious project unlocks the tourist appeal of the rich culture, history, and biodiversity of the land and its people, now and in the future.

Government has seen the benefits of this amazing initiative and has expressed interest in funding parts of it, such as infrastructure and training. There is a massive groundswell of support for the ongoing project. All stakeholders believe that this area will become the next Cultural World Heritage Site. mFulaWozi is a place of history, a place of culture, a place of wilderness and wildlife – on a scale that few have imagined seeing on this continent.

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