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Lisa Nichols & Robert Kiyosaki Live in Sandton, Johannesburg Wealth Masters Tour Summit on the 7th &

Success Resources, the number one leading seminar organizer worldwide, is pleased to announce the return of Robert Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, the #1 Personal finance book of all time. He will be joined on stage together with Lisa Nichols, Best-selling Author & International Speaker, for the first time at the Wealth Masters Tour event taking place on the 7th & 8th of September 2019 at the Sandton Convention Centre.

The theme for this year is one that closely resonates with fellow South Africans, being “Discover How To Build True Wealth”. In light of news shared in March earlier this year where South Africa’s credit rating was cut from “junk” status to “stable”, and where global economic signs point to an impending worldwide financial crisis, Robert Kiyosaki and Lisa Nichols together with world renowned experts at the Wealth Masters Tour aim to help the average person be in a better position to attain financial freedom.

The keynote speakers at the event include Robert Kiyosaki and Lisa Nichols alongside a line-up of Wealth Masters experts such as Sandy Jadeja - Chief Market Strategist and Trading Educator; Conray Labuschagne - One of the world's top Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Experts; Robin Banks - International Speaker and Mind Power Expert; Peng Joon - World's Leading Authority in Wealth Creation Online and Barry Mitchell - Entrepreneurial Teacher & Leader.

Delegates can look forward to a remarkable action-packed two-day event of knowledge sharing with the following key takeaways:

Robert Kiyosaki - The wealth quadrants; Wealth mindset mastery; Build your 27/7 team and Strategic asset allocation.

Lisa Nichols - How to push past your limiting beliefs; How to hold, stand and stay in your power at all times; How to deliver a message so impactful that you move an audience and most importantly how to stand and stay in your greatness.

Sandy Jadeja - A wealth of techniques/knowledge: Fast profit trading strategies; what you need to get yourself to a level where you can start earning some extra money.

Conray Labuschagne - What is bitcoin and cryptocurrency and where to begin? Resourcefulness being the ultimate resource.

Peng Joon - Build a money machine by making money online - run a profitable home-based business

Barry Mitchell - The better you are at selling and communicating the better your income, the better your life – THE HIGHEST ENERGY WINS

Robin Banks – Mind, Power and Personal Mastery; Think of your mind as a garden with rich fertile soil, any seed you plant… if you nourish and care for the seed it will grow

Any many more other vital key points…

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to change your financial future with the best insights from industry giants themselves; If you want to invest the way the rich invest, book your ticket now at Packages available vary from a basic Silver Category ticket to the exclusive Platinum ticket that includes dinner with Robert Kiyosaki and Lisa Nichols.


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