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Lanser's on Main

The entire team in our Bistro Restaurant in Bryanston are passionate about the service, quality and taste of our food. Our menu is designed to surprise our guests with the aromas and flavours of our dishes. It’s always a delight to watch a guest’s face light up when their taste buds experience the unexpected.

About Lanser's on Main

t is evident that words such as decorum and chivalry are disappearing from the lexicon shared between Joburg restaurants. The culture of dining out has turned into something resembling an assembly line to convey guests into the one end and out the other. Enter Chef Lanser Fourie. His soft spoken voice, big smile and demeanor is set to change all that. It's his bistro in Bryanston that's slipped the lever on this conveyor-belt style of eating out and brought back the fundamentals of hospitality. Let's introduce you to Lanser's On Main, shall we?

Lanser's On Main is the kind of place you'd expect to see in a black and white movie starring Humphrey Bogart and Mary Astor. In the far corner there's a couple deep in conversation, at the bigger table to the left there's a family celebrating accomplishments, and on the balcony there are two guys sharing a Cohiba; contemplating the next big tech thing. It's the type of place where the lights are dim, the champagne is always cold and the kitchen's saloon doors are constantly swinging. It's safe to assume that more than a few couples have gotten engaged here. The restaurant tables are dressed up in all-white and the crockery finishes in the same colour.

Contact Us

T: 063 398 8314


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