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hosted at Spier Wine Farm, R310 Baden Powell Drive, Lynedoch, Stellenbosch, 7603


Only minutes away from many of the Stellenbosch accommodation spots is the glorious Spier Wine Farm, which is home to Eagle Encounters. This means that visitors to the Cape Winelands get to couple a wine tasting with a once-in-a-lifetime experience with some magnificent raptors.

Eagle Encounters was established in 2001, and is a centre that is focussed on the rehabilitation of rescued birds, the conservation of animals and their habitat, educating visitors and local communities, and promoting eco-tourism. What makes it even more incredible is that it is a self-funded, non-profit establishment. So, visitors that pay to see the birds and watch their awesome flying and hunting displays are contributing directly to their conservation.

The displays are conducted every day. At 11h00, visitors can watch the handler using ancient falconry techniques on a variety of raptors. Watch as they soar, dodge obstacles, and swoop down on their prey. At 14h00, there is another falconry display with the resident owls, hawks, buzzards, kites and flacons. At 15h00, visitors can meet the local secretary bird and learn more about her long-legged elegance. The last show of the day is at 16h00, and introduces visitors to some incredible raptors and the impressive hunting and flying techniques that they’re capable of.

Eagle Encounters is one of the largest and most active raptor rehabilitation centres and educational resources in the country. Children have so much fun as they learn about the birds’ breeding habits, threats to their survival, falconry, design for function, rehabilitation, and release. They also learn what important role they can play in ensuring that these birds are cared for in the wild.

This is not a zoo or a petting area, and the birds are not kept in cages. So, visitors can walk quite close to them and get to learn about their gorgeous colouring and unique personalities. The idyllic setting is perfect for a picnic; while the little ones play on the jungle gyms, swings, bridges and towers of the playground.

Eagle Encounters is just over half an hour from Cape Town’s City Bowl and about 20 minutes from the heart of Stellenbosch.

Contact Us

T: +27 (0) 84 037 5523


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