Ammazulu African Palace 
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Ammazulu African Palace is unique luxury accommodation on the edge of the Kloof Gorge and Krantzkloof Nature Reserve. A truly spectacular boutique hotel for you to relax and unwind in. Experience a special stay in the elaborately crafted and decorated walkways, halls and bedrooms using beadwork and African art, artifacts and statues, specifically covering the Zulu Culture.

Located in Kloof, Durban; a visionary 5 star guest house and bed and breakfast celebrating the cultural heritage of KwaZulu-Natal, has risen on the edge of the Kloof Gorge, overlooking the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve.

All this and more awaits you a mere 20 minutes’ drive from Durban City center.

The palace, reflecting on parts of KwaZulu-Natal history, is the vision of Durban artist Peter Amm, who has used his entire collection of Zulu art and crafts, incorporated into more than 40 beaded columns of exquisite beauty.

It has been designed principally by Kevin MacGarry of Architects Collaborative, with assistance from the owner, who has been nurturing the site for some four decades.

The visitor to this truly unique destination will be forgiven if he or she felt a distinct sensory overload as there is so much to take in, explore and experience. From the breathtaking view of the Kloof gorge to the private Zulu art collections in each of the ten suites, Ammazulu African Palace is a place that will capture your imagination every time you return.

We can assure you that at no given time will there be more than 30 people on site.

Each suite has its own private setting and only couples are permitted, regret not children. ​No children from 0-14 years old permitted.

The remoteness of our venue will guarantee you a peaceful night’s rest.

We look forward to welcoming our loyal guests and new guests to our safe haven.

Free Wireless Internet facilities are also available throughout Ammazulu African Palace.

Contact Information

General Enquiries: +27 (0)31 764 8000




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